Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Network Marketing Entrepreneurs Wealth Tip - Trick Yourself Into a Network Marketing Success

Let's agree on something first and foremost: You want to be successful as an entrepreneur and network marketer. Obviously you wouldn't have even glanced at this article otherwise.

But maybe the problem is that, whatever your definition of it is, success seems to be alluding you?

What I want you to do right now is read the next line over again until it imprints in your mind:

There are actually only two REAL reasons that you have not had the succes you want in your network marketing business yet.

1. You are living in quiet desperation...
2. You simply don't have the correct training, information, or knowledge to utilize and succeed with...

There is no one who can truly help you with the first one. That's all up to you. The second one I can help you with and you can also help yourself.

At this point, would it be safe to say that if you DID have the right training, information, and knowledge - and the self motivation - to utilize right now that you WOULD be successful?

Of course you would! It is guaranteed.

There are people out there like me who have dedicated their entire lives to mastering the network marketing industry - including the mindset, marketing, and entrpreneurism that goes along with it.

And do you realize that if you can just find a mentor (I know it seems like an impossible task to do - especially on the internet where everyone seems to hide behind their computers these days), that you COULD and WOULD succeed!

Are you getting excited about that yet? About the fact that there is someone (more than one, actually) who not only will teach you everything you need to know to be successful, but they'll do it for FREE.

And that is the best thing about network marketing is that people help people. You actually can't succeed if you don't help others.

Okay, so I promised to tell you how to trick yourself into success in your network marketing business...This is actually how I personally 'tricked' myself to be successful, and you can copy exactly what I did to become successful too.

Here's how:

Back when I first started my Network Marketing business, it occurred to me that I had no clue how to market online. It also occurred to me that in order to make the REALLY big money, I would need to get my hands on what the top earner's knew- and that the only way to get that was to literally buy it.

Here's the problem, how was I going to trick myself into sitting through hours and hours of training classes? This was originally an issue for me because I seem to
have some impatient 'issues' and it just takes too much time to get the million dollar information from the courses. I wanted results RIGHT NOW.

So here's what I did to trick myself (pay attention now!) It's so easy. And it totally changed my life. This is really all I did and you can do the same:

I told myself, "Okay Eric, you know how some people get really excited and go rent a bunch of movies and watch them all weekend? They spend 2, 3, 4 hours or more watching movies. Well, here is what we are going to do: You are going to be just as excited to watch this million dollar information. And then, I promise you, that you will go be able to live a life of such passion and fun and adventure and service that it deserves to be made into a movie...You'll get to have a REAL life instead of simply watching other people's imaginary lives in movies.

This really inspired me and motivated me to make it BIG time!

And how did it happen? Well, through tricking myself.

I just learned to tell myself a different story about what training courses actually were. I compared them to the exciting release of a new movie.

You see, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

I then remind myself, "There are many people out there who borrow thousands of dollars for college, graduate and get a job they hate until they get laid off, then go out and get another job they hate and start the cycle all over again."

Or, I can spend a little bit of money and a lot of "sweat equity" and learn from a multi-millionaire (not a broke college offense to any college professors)...and I can come out of that course with real knowledge that will give me a real shot at controlling my financial future, my time freedom, and my deeply - cherished bossless life of independence.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Change in Working Capital

Running a business comes with its share of financial responsibilities. Accounting is all about keeping track of every dollar and every last penny. A business without good accounting professionals is bound to fail. Just like a car needs its own engine control unit for monitoring its functioning, a company needs its accounting department. There are various financial constructs and calculations, which are used in accounting to analyze the performance of a company. One of the most important ones is the net working capital of the company. It is closely related to the degree of liquidity that is available to a company for day-to-day operations. In the following lines, you will find an explanation of what is working capital and how to calculate change in working capital of any business.

What is Net Working Capital?

It is essential that the basic concept of what is net working capital be known, before we talk about how to calculate changes in it. It is one of the most basic concept in accounting when it comes to evaluating the financial condition of a company. As the name itself suggests, working capital is the cash available for the daily operations of the company.

The net working capital can be defined as the difference between total current assets of the company and its current liabilities. The current assets of the company include its inventory and accounts receivable, while the liabilities include the accounts payable. Securities and investments are also included in current assets, while current liabilities may also include debt, when calculating the net working capital. Thus the formula for calculating net working capital is:

Net Working Capital (WC) = Current Assets - Current Liabilities

When there is a change in working capital which may happen due to a number of reasons. Either there has been a spurt in the accounts receivable or there is a decrease in the number of liabilities. Analyzing the reason for change will require that you investigate the change in current assets and the amount of liabilities. If you want to look at cash flow, the operating working capital is a better choice as it only monitors the accounts receivable and accounts payable.

How to Calculate Change in Working Capital?

Now that I have explained how to calculate working capital, we can attack the question of how to calculate the change in working capital. I think the method for calculation will be clear after you have seen the above formula for working capital. The change in working capital formula is the same one.

To calculate working capital change in two successive years, you need to calculate the net or operating working capital for both years and simply subtract the second year's value from the first year's amount. For successive years, you must do the same change in working capital calculation.

The change in operating working capital will demonstrate the changes in cash flow, while the change is net working capital, will highlight the macroscopic changes in the fortunes of the company. For example, consider that the operating working capital for year 2009 of a certain company is $90,000, while the successive year sees, it rising to $120,000. Then the change in working capital cash flow will obviously be $30,000, which is good news for the company.

As you can see, calculating change in working capital is a simple exercise, if you have all the data needed for calculation. The total change in net working capital over a few years can reveal the progress made by the company in revenues, as more cash becomes available for its operations. A positive change in working capital of a company is an important indicator of its overall progress, while a negative change in working capital indicates a drop in sales. When comparing the balance sheets of successive years for a company, one needs to monitor this net working capital change. Hope, this article has cleared out all the doubts you might have regarding changing working capital calculation and its significance.