Sunday, April 29, 2012

Empowered Entrepreneur - Becoming a Leader and Building Value Through Knowledge

Another important and critical element of becoming an empowered entrepreneur is your mindset. An empowered entrepreneur must learn to assume the mindset of a true leader. You must become a leader in all aspects and all relationships of your life if you are going to be an empowered entrepreneur. Most of us start as followers. As we study and learn and observe empowered leaders we grow into aspiring leaders. We assume more responsibility and self-reliance. Finally as our knowledge grows and our connection to our inner power increases we step forward as leaders in our own right. It is all mindset and it is real. You cannot fake it. Empowered Entrepreneurs are leaders, not fakers. Spend 10 minutes with an empowered entrepreneur and you'll sense the leadership.

But don't mistake domination and coercion of others as leadership. It isn't. It is how the weak attempt to lead. Empowered entrepreneurs never dominate or coerce any follower. They empower their followers with knowledge and encouragement. They are teachers who care about others and want to help them grow and succeed like themselves. Therefore leaders offer value to followers, which is why they attract followers. Leadership, offering value and attracting people to your energy is a sign of a true empowered entrepreneur.

Skill building and expertise are absolutely a necessity to survive in this industry. Empowered entrepreneurs have an absolute hunger for knowledge. At an empowered entrepreneur's house, you can always spot the entrepreneur because he or she is the one sitting with the family reading while they watch TV. Every empowered entrepreneur has a library full of books, training courses, CD's and DVD's.

One area of particular acumen is the area of marketing and sales. If you want to be an empowered entrepreneur you will be developing your sales and marketing skills immensely. That is because as an empowered entrepreneur you will be marketing yourself, your skill, knowledge and the value you bring to others. This will be the core of your appeal and your success. Be ready to become a master marketer my friends if you are to become an empowered entrepreneur.

So are you ready to begin the journey into empowerment as an entrepreneur? Are you ready to become a leader and help others? Are you ready to devote time each day to learning and honing your skills? These are traits and skills which will distinguish you in your business and attract customers for growth.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Job Opportunities For Entrepreneurs - Five Key Components of a Successful Network Marketing System

Of the thousands of jobs offered online, most of which most are frauds, scams, or systems that simply don't work, network marketing is definitely the best option and will give you the quickest means of reaching your financial goals. Not all networking opportunities are created equal, of course, so if you are serious about finding your freedom through an online opportunity, do your due diligence and research very carefully.

Here are Five Key Components to a successful network marketing system that you want to look for (the definitions of these components are by no means comprehensive but they will give you a good outline to follow):

1. Marketing System: Is it proven? Is it easily duplicated? Are there plenty of legitimate testimonials from average people who have been able to plug-in and make it work for them?

2. Compensation: Is there a clearly outlined payment plan? How do you get your money? Who gets paid first, you or the company you work with? (preferably you because then you get your commissions much sooner.) Also, is it pennies per sale or is it a substantial amount with which you could support yourself ? (You want to be sure the money you make is worth the time you invest.)

3. Training: This is huge! Ninety percent of success in the online entrepreneurial world is psychological, the other ten percent is marketing. Now if you have a great mindset, are committed and dedicated but don't have the proper training to direct your energies and efforts into money making channels, you will fail in this business. Be sure the system you choose offers solid, step-by-step, easy to follow training which will give you the platform to personally brand yourself and will ultimately teach you to become a master marketer.

4. Community: You are not in this alone! When you join a good network marketing company, you also join a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs like yourself. This is powerful! You can learn incredibly from others and their knowledge. Most people in such a community are helpful and eager to share their knowledge with you. Learn to leverage that knowledge to grow personally and in your business.

5. Products: It goes without saying that you want to sell a product that holds value to the customer, and one that you will be proud to stand behind and promote as something that will indeed enrich the life of those who choose to purchase it.

If interested, leverage my research and the information I've learned. Through trial and error, I have found a network marketing system which completely embodies all Five Key Components. If you desire, see if the system is a fit for you, or choose another. Once you find your network marketing company, with persistence and determination, you will soon be on your way to gaining your time and financial freedom!

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